Friday, February 17, 2012

F.A.B Fashion Week Party for the Kids

Hello Beautiful People,

      What a week it has been trying to get as much as photos as possible and actually finding outfits to wear in this hormonal weather has been quite the task but Miss Merli is always up for the challenge and its always been my dream to cover events, and take pictures. I'm blessed to be able to do both while still fulfilling my duties to society, advocating and educating the youth that are so fragile and at risk. 

 It's quite fitting that one of the events I was able to cover is one that would benefit The ToshiNow Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to bringing arts, entertainment, and flair to all those who seek opportunities to showcase and improve their talents. They believe that art should be available for all youth which is a tool I often used as a form of expression and therapy. Not only do they offer scholarships for music lessons but they also provide venues for youth ages 3-21. 
Highlights included live models who donned the frocks of the following designers Sandra Baquero, Lizzy Gomez, Johnny Russia, and Christine Leitner.There were amazing performances by celebrity electric violinist, Sarah Charness and singer Carla Wesby. Last but not least I was blown away with art by Savior Elmundo, and DanielleMastrion. Lots of sponsors but for me as a beauty junkie a few stood out for me which I will share with you in a later post. For now take a look at the event through my eyes as well as a video of the kids that will benefit from this event. Make sure to take time and donate to the cause, its so worth it.





old fashion as art I love it

An ode to Alexander McQuuen 

ToshiNow from steven meyer on Vimeo.

Live, laugh, X &O'S

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