Thursday, October 1, 2009

Awareness of Self in Relation to Life

So there are 18 days left and 2,500 dollars is looking more and more impossible everyday. I really wish that everyone that I ask could just contribute something and then I would be that much closer to my goal and people dealing with this cancer would be that much closer to finding a cure. Come on everyone! If you look at my page know that this is a sincere attempt to help out a cause that I've seen too many suffer from. We've lost two of the greatest actors to it Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett. They didn't have to die so young. Young children die, young adults, moms, dads, aunts and uncles die and for what? So we can continue to act like we are immortals and will never die or think that some how we are immune from a disease that continues to become a frequent diagnosis. I'm afraid to die and especially from a disease that if you're not strong or if you don't have the right health care or even support system your likely hood of surviving becomes less and less. People say I don't have money but yet go to parties, go shopping and then what? What do you have to show your great looks? Come on there has to be something bigger than some of the day to day mundane activities that we take part in or fuss over. Not to say we shouldn't live life to the fullest but what happen to the part where we help others live life to the fullest too? We were not put on this Earth just simply to live for ourselves and die, we are here to serve a greater purpose some more so than others but nevertheless many small purposes make for a person who left this Earth whom had a purpose. That's what I'm about and would like to know that the people I've come to call friends, family, and confidants are also doing the same. I understand some people are in tight spots right now if you are one I understand all too well but you can still help through other means. By spreading the word or by helping me raise funds for this disease. I will also attempt with other people have a spa day for the cause please be apart of that. To everyone who will read this and have a change of heart thank you, for those who've already helped or whom have offered me help I'm grateful for you. My intentions are not to make anyone feel guilty but to make people aware. May you be blessed all the days of your lives and be a blessing on to others while you're here.
<3 Merli

If you'd like to contribute you can copy and paste the link below or just click on title Awareness of Self in Relation to Life and help. Thank you!

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