Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who, What, When, and Why Miss Merli does Makeup

Hello Beautiful People!
          Ever since I could remember I've equated the act of applying and wearing makeup as one for grown up women. Of course i played with makeup when I was a kid but I never was serious about it I never begged anyone if I could wear it. Well let me retract that I did struggle about a couple of years ago with an ex he was dead set that makeup wasn't at all necessary because his mom didn't wear it often. SMH so glad he is my ex now. It took our relationship dying for the talent that I knew i always had to really become alive in me.
       All of a sudden I went from young girl lost to grown women found able to enhance the features of her beautiful roundface (that's me) as well as the beautiful faces of men and women all over. But all the time there was one thing I had never committed to and that was lipstick. Why? Again it was a mental and maturity thing, I equated lipstick with coming of age. Its only been recently as I've done work with fashion shows and needing to be able to have long lasting in your face color that I've tapped into the world of lipstick... and guess what I love it! Either I've taken away the stigma or I've come into my own as a woman who has successfully done so much with so many obstacles in my path. (You don't know the half). I will say Amen to growing up and ongoing development and evolution. Below you'll find a link to a very short video of me talking about some of my favorite things and those fantastic lashes from KISS at the Makeup Show in NYC. Also some pics of me when I first started.

MugShot Makeup Show NYC

Can you believe at this point I had very little makeup compared to now... now I'm a Beauty Junkie
Wow I thought I was hot stuff right here lol

This is when I started getting more comfortable partly because the boyfriend became an ex, but also I had started working at Bebe and came out of my shell more. I also did my first tutorial pic by pic situation.

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T.Davis said...

OMG Every time I try to leave a comment something happens. UGH! Anyhoo, girl you are beautiful with or without makeup so boo to the Ex who didnt want you to wear makeup. I never understand men who say they dont like their girl to wear makeup or weaves but yet their favorite singer is Beyonce or Rihanna. Both artist wear makeup and weave. Wearing makeup IMO is just another form of expression. So I say embrace your artistic side

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