Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Stash Wrist Wallets by Mi Amor

For everyone who stuck around, and for new readers thank you for keeping up with the changes on Miss Merli NYC I appreciate it very much and do have great things in store for all of you just wait and see. You're not here for the emotional banter though so moving right along... 

 I was able to get my hands on a new accessory and if you know me I love accessories especially unique ones. Check this baby out!

When I came across this wrist wallet I instantly thought, finally a great way for me to have my business cards on me at all times. SCORE!

For me this wrist wallet is perfect but I’m afraid for someone with bigger wrists than me that it could possibly be a little tight.

It’s a stretchy material and comes in a wide arrange of colors so you can have something for all your outfits. They range in price from 15-25 dollars so not that inexpensive but if you’re always networking like I am it is a good investment. Plus I can see a lot of conversations starting off of someone saying, “OMGEE that’s cute,” and then you could whip out your business card. Bomb!

Miss Merli says: Go Get it! (With a Coupon)

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