Thursday, August 30, 2012

MAC StyleSeeker Haul And Swatches

Like most shopaholics I try really hard to stay away from MAC but it's so hard! Either way I made my way for two demos at the Montague location. I instantly fell in love with the fall colors and the manner in which the artists applied the two different styles in their own way was amazing. I even finally figure out how to use my MAC Cleanse Oil other than to take off makeup. Have you ever used it was apart of your foundation mix? Yea I know! So fierce I tell you. More than a shopping spree I always love getting down to MAC and learning how to use staple products in different ways.

Hidden Treasure Blush

Style Seeker Nail Varnish

Ready to Roam Lipglass

Camden Chic Matteen Lipstick

Marche Aux Puces Duo eye shadow

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Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Hmm I wish I could gush and celebrate but I hate Mac products. Too harsh for me. But you look like you had fun though! :-) and that's all that matters.

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