Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remembering Aaliyah 10 Years Later

Hi Beautiful People,

        Looking back time just fly's I remember the news like it was yesterday before facebook, twitter, and myspace there were rumors of Aaliyah being dead... many were in denial including me. Nah how could someone so beautiful and at the beginning of such an amazing career be taken away from us at such a young age? The reality was she had died tragically her plane was over loaded, the pilot had some stuff in his system and the fact of the matter is it was time for her to go. :( I remember crying I was 17 years old and my boyfriend at the time looked at me like I was crazy, you didn't know her. Aaliyah though was more than just a singer, dancer, and actress she was a humble person whose smile radiated a room who made everyone feel like they were a star. There aren't many out there in this world who have that ability, she was and continues to be truly one in a million. She made knew had to be sexy without being trashy thru her eyes through her movements I continue to look up to her. I Miss you Aaliyah and continue to rest in peace Baby Girl. Check out her tribute video "I Miss You", which always gives me chills  as well as some of my favorite makeup looks that she dawned so well


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