Friday, October 14, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Oh La La: My Week in Pics Oct 9-14

Loving my Girl About Town with my green Prada spectacles

Mr. Idris Elba how I love you so (Smart Water advertisement)

Isn't she naturally beautiful and gorgeous and look at those lashes go! 

I saw this pic and said OMGee she looks like the beautiful and amazing Kandee Johnson fab makeup artist and beauty blogger Mama.

A trip to MAC turns me into a human palette trying out the long lasting glosses and shadows :) 

Aren't these some fabulous booties? Love them going to keep an eye on them... looking for a discount

Dying for this fab color blocked jacket scrumptious! 



Dear sunglasses I need you in my life... only at a discount aren't these super fab and feminine!

Ms. Emma Watson killing with shadowed eyes and gold flakes in the corners

Purchased these Shades ions ago and just discovered them after re organizing my closet. Aren't they fab? Don't lie to me! 

I just thought this was so cute and worthy of spot Reading is so fundamental to a great life

I thought it was me and then I tried it on... wasn't impressed leave it on the hanger ladies.

Booties! Booties! Booties!

Look at this fab bag at a great price at Payless! Quality was good on this one too must buy if you ask me.

I found these also were cute and would make some fashionista out there really happy since you could customize these with socks or stockings, pantyhose, sockettes... See what I'm talking about

Loving these booties! 

All my Purple Life! She is just so Purple and beautiful I don't know what to do with myself.

More Booties!!!

At this price why wouldn't I cop I pair of these beauties hello Cole Hann

And then.... 

                          There were more Booties!!!!

Discovered the Olsen Twins have a younger sister and she's a looker! Hello Elizabeth!

A sneak peak at my life in Miami for the past week. I woke up to this every morning... Even waking up to thunderstorms left me in awe. What a sight to be seen waking up to water and great sounds... not sirens and dogs barking.

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