Monday, August 13, 2012

Lessons Learned at Blogher12

I've learned a couple of lessons and I wanted to share that with those of you who will take the plunge and go to Blogher13.
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  • Stay at the hotel even if you're local unless you drive. Why? I live in Brooklyn and being at the conference in Midtown Manhattan from 9am- 1am proved to be brutal. I didn't get home till 3 am daily taking the train home with loads of product that I could've been shanked for. 
  • Make a List and set reminders into your phone so even if you get distracted you'll remember what you wanted to do next.
  • Carry a wheeled bag with you. Honey the amount of products aka swag that you will collect from each of these brands is nothing like I've ever seen. The first night was so bad I had to take a cab home yup that serious. 
  • Keep the outside events to a minimum. Certainly that was my downfall because I was just trying to do too much. Did I have fun? Of course. Would I do it again? Maybe I'm glutton for punishment. Weigh your invites before you RSVP and make sure they are in line with what you're doing.
  • Comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Do I need to explain? Comfortable cotton dresses, a cardigan, comfy footwear that was my way to go. No need to go and spend money to look super duper fly. 
  • BUSINESS CARDS! Please have your business cards with you nothing like a dead cell phone and your inability not to capture vital information.
  • Notepad, iPad, Some form of note-taking apparatus. Be ready to take tons of notes there is a lot of information to be absorbed trust me you want to remember it. 
  • Have Fun Loosen up and be Authentic it goes a long way. Remember in a sea of 4000+ you want people to remember You.



Jenn Kitty said...

Check, check, and check! I love your list, and agree with all of it. :) I'm going to BlogHer '13 (which will entail flying to Chicago, since I live in PA - I took a train to NYC this year, and in 2010), and two additions will be:
1. backpack for my laptop & camera (my shoulder was DYING from the weight by Saturday!)
2. Wheeled suitcase for swag (again, tote bags over the shoulder are just a no-go because of the weight)

FYI, we met while standing in line for Sparklecorn. :)

Merli Desrosier-Estime said...

Thanks for commenting Jenn my shoulder died on night one so 2 & 3 I left no room for error. I'm going to Blogher 13 as well. Yes I remember that beautiful face! hugs <3

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty said...

OK I saw this after my last comment. So you were there! Are you going to Chicago next year? I plan to

I drove in to BlogHer. Got a parking pass from Groupon $16 for 24 hours. Worked out well. I just took stuff to my car.

I wonder when they will put the reply and info up from the sessions

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty said...

oops just read your comment to Jean (reading is fundamental lol). Maybe we'll meet up at 13.

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