Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mariah Carey & OPI Yes and Yes!

So I don't think it's news to anyone but I for one am very excited to reiterate that Mariah Carey and OPI are collaborating to create two collections first one set to be released in January of 2013. It is right on tap with when American Idol will be making its comeback to television with MC at the judging panel as well. My goodness, when it rains it pours for the mother of two. No more info is available at this time but as my sister in astrological sign (Aries) I know that the collection will surely be Fire! Bright and sultry like her personality I'm sure she will not disappoint. What names do you think they will be called? I'm thinking along the lines of some of her greatest hit titles, Butterfly ( a pearlized pinkish white color),  Rainbow ( chunky butterfly pieces in different colors) and may a little Honey ( a golden yellow color). Ooooh I can't wait!

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                                               I can see it now Grammy Gold for OPI                          courtesy of google images


Laura MyNewestAddiction said...

I got an email about this today! I am already ready! :D

RChelle Mullins said...

I'm excited for this collection! Love me some MiMi

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