Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miss Merli In NYC Goes to Blogher 2012

Wow wow wow! What an experience I've never been to a conference where I was drained afterwards for two days straight. (Its a good thing though like when you have sex but you're tired and happy at the same time) TMI I know. Anywho I was privelaged to pick up a volunteer opportunity with Blogher very last minute thanks to Christen @DivasandDorks. Thanks Girl!

What a ride it was the festivities begun online even before the actual conference with a mad dash to get invited (or be on the radar) of fellow bloggers and PR reps for outside parties. I fortunately was invited to five which three were on the first night at different locations, two words EPIC FAIL because I was too tired to event hop! Anywho on to the meat and bones of the matter this conference had so many amazing workshops and panels to offer that sadly I couldn't even take it all in. Between connecting with brands, going to events, and there only being 24 hours in a day and only three days I knew there was no way for me to hit every single panel I wanted to. To my benefit everything was recorded yes SCORE!

 There was food galore at some of my fave booths including Jimmy Dean, Michael Angelo, Dole, Dannon, and Yoplait. Vibrators were handed out by Trojan... yes I took one, more on that later. My tech itch was totally scratched with Logitech, Windows, & Samsung not helpful I now have a wish list of items that I need to get from all three brands Thanks guys! (scowls). I also professed my love for germ and cold eliminators Zicam and Halo Germ Defense helpful in my life as a New Yorker who has to get on the train Yuck! Chuck E Cheese was even in the house and I totally took liberty of their slogan "Where a kid can be a kid!" I won their scavenger hunt and scored a iPod shuffle among other great prizes. Sadly I'm only scratching the surface of brand exposure, the great thing is that they all were open to collaboration with bloggers which made my life as newbie blogger that much easier. Certainly Blogher was more than I could ever think of connecting with tons of people who I talk to on facebook and twitter and making connections with other bloggers who are not even on my radar because of industry. I've already reaped some amazing rewards as result of my time at blogher. If you've been on the fence about Blogher please do go its a great investment. You won't be disappointed. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on my lessons learned at Blogher12'.

All the Beautiful Ladies Smiling Oh What A Time! 

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