Saturday, March 1, 2014

6 Lessons I've Learned Before 30

So first let me start off by apologizing for treating this blog like an ugly step child. It should be easier to maintain this since it's me on a daily, the struggle, the triumphs, and the lessons. I'm working on it and it'll get better from here.

Moving right along today I begin the countdown to 30. Certainly a milestone when I think about all I've been through when I was 15 I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. But God his mercy and grace is always on a hundred thousand trillion.
If I could quickly sum up the most important lessons I've learned I'd say these are it.

* No matter what God has the final say.

* It's okay to cry but it's certainly not ok to worry.  You can only do what you have the power to do. Everything else has to work its course.

*In all things praise the Lord for the blessings that are in the works and making their way to you.

* Be bold and walk with the swagga of Jesus. He was sure of what his purpose was and never once questioned we should all do the same.

*Be fearless you are the child of the highest most exalted one. Your favor is beyond imaginable even I don't get it sometimes.

* Last but not least at the end of the day nothing is that serious... nobody is that important, no situation is to big for you to feel defeated or to lower your standards. 

Last but not least

Never compromise yourself for the riches of this world that all is subject to the world's approval God's riches are untouchable. 

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