Saturday, October 19, 2013

Being Celibate

Ah yes one of the many reasons why so many men want  no part of me. Yes I made a choice to not have sexual relations till I get married. Why? Well because the bible tells me so! More importantly after a series of bad experiences (men who didn't make the size cut) lol and just feeling so much conviction during I decided this can't be the way not for just a moment of satisfaction; though those moments were far and few between.
I won't lie I've faltered falling pray to the occasional (okay maybe more than occasional) vibrator or self happiness as I like to call it but hey I figure it's better than crossing paths with another soul who has no plans of loving me for the rest of my life. Some may ask if the act masturbation a sin? Honestly and with what I've read in the bible, No. But it's the feelings and thoughts that you have after that creates the issue, for me personally I always think of the one that got away which creates feelings of loneliness which I know God is not about. So what's a girl to do? Read a book, write a blog post plot of ways in which to get my self ready for my Boaz.

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