Monday, July 6, 2009

Journey to a Healthy Me

So I was watching the Tyra Show this morning and it was a rerun about the Nivea Skinny Jean Challenge. I said to myself, oh please really do these things work or are they just ways in which for this company to make fast profits and exploit people's insecurities? I must admit after seeing their journey and their final outcomes after just four weeks, I was just amazed and inspired. I believed in Nivea and what was displayed on the Tyra show was five ladies who had goals, and needed someone ( Tyra and Nivea) to help them get there with support. So a big bravo to those ladies and Nivea for helping to get them there. Now what does that mean for me?

Well what it means for me is that I'm going to take the resources that I now have and start making them work for me coupled with the various resources on the internet. I've been the culprit of waking up in the middle of the night and watching infomercials for Pilate s Dvds and seeing commercials about the Wii Fit working for people, and then purchasing them. Starting out great but then falling off the bandwagon when I've gotten stressed out by the many things that tend to happen on a daily basis, but no more! Today I'm taking a stand and saying that I will use everything and I mean everything I've purchased to get to the healthy me that I want to be and know that I can achieve.

So now to the nitty gritty one of the most important things about weight loss and the factor that often keeps people from backsliding and gaining the weight is a couple of things one of them being a slow and steady pace, weight loss as a life change and not a temporary fix and lots of support from people whether that is family or friends. I intend to do all those things but I also would like to reach out to other people who would like to take the journey with me and support each other in that. Please do send suggestions, comments, and words of encouragement as well as videos in which I will post on my blog either showing the journey as it takes place. I will document my journey as well. LETS GO!!! Who's with me?

Live, laugh, learn and love that's all
<3 Merli

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