Monday, April 16, 2012

Kevin James Bennett Gives Birth to the [R]evolution

Hello Beautiful People,

       As a brush connoisseur I was fortunate enough to get an insider look at the "[R]evolution" in brushes made by a man's own sweat and tears. Kevin James Bennett an Emmy award winning makeup artist, has partnered with Royal & Langnickel to create a makeup brush to bring performance, precision, and durability like no other makeup brush created before. With years of experience and someone whose integrity never waivers he worked tirelessly to ensure that these brushes weren't like some of the cookie cutter brushes out there, that the brushes were still affordable while the quality was stepped up 200 hundred fold. Let's get into the important specs.
  • Each brush head is made of DuPont™ Natrafil® fibers, which mimic the performance and feel of the finest natural hair
  • Each monofilament features a micro-studded surface that mimics the exterior cuticle of natural hair, allowing for precise pickup, release and blending of even powder makeup
  • [R]evolution’s handles are made of molded, high impact acrylic and coated in rubberized “soft touch” finish for added comfort and grip.  
  • The acrylic handles are will not bow out  to water damage and fused to the non-corrosive, nickel plated, solid brass ferrule.  
  • The look and feel of these brushes will standout and so will your application of makeup
  • There are 32 beautiful brushes in this set, create your own dream team no rules here or buy the entire set.
  • Price range of the brushes are from 7.99- 49.99 with the face brushes being the most cos
But enough talk lets see the brushes!





Premiere Pro Set- 12 169.99

Pro Eye Set- 10 89.99

Complexion Set- 6 179.99


James Clark said...

sounds fantastic! Do you kno if these will be available in the UK?

Miss Merli said...

I will certainly ask and get back to you @ James Clark

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