Friday, June 3, 2011

My Sister's Prom

Hello Beautiful people,

           What an evening it was waiting almost 3 hours for my sister to come home so I can do her makeup only for her to come and leave only about 15 minutes to do her full makeup. While some would say that was enough time, for me it wasn't especially since she had an eye brow that needed assistance. Nevertheless I did what I could do in  a short amount of time and she turned out beautiful. I used all MAC on her because that was her request and utilized the silver pigment from the Surf Baby line. In hindsight I would've done something a little more subdued for my sis since I feel like she doesn't do makeup so I don't feel like she carried it in terms of posing but hey it still worked. She is the lady in red.  I also took pictures of "standout" dresses. My personal feeling is that I feel most of the ladies either tried to hard or didn't try at all. I liked "most" of the dresses but felt like it was normal club wear. Nothing stood out to me. My favorite other than my sister was the young girl in the golden dress though I would've made it just a tad bit longer and the cups on the breast more constructed she was one dip away from falling out which is because she wore no support nor did the dress have built in. Then there was the wedding dress... I didn't like it. And the zebra print was a good attempt but I drowned in the ruffles uggh when you're a thick girl ruffles are not your friend. Then there was the young lady whom tried to bring lingerie to the prom failed attempt at sexy. I hated the makeup I hated the dress but what hurt more was that she wore black undergarments and how do I know well because I saw it right through the dress patterns and all. One day they might look back and see the errors of their ways I hope lol. 

Live, Laugh, Love and Learn

Miss Merli

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