Monday, July 18, 2011

Put on Lashes Like a Pro with Eve Pearl

Hi Beautiful People

Watch how a legendary award wining pro applies lashes in a step by step video makes putting on lashes look like child's play! I was first introduced to Eve Pearl at the makeup Show last year but really didn't take notice until my second year where I watched her use her products effortlessly turning ordinary flesh into heavenly perfection. Not only is she talented but she is also humble and teacher who gives opportunity to those who work hard for it. she also helped me to make my very first purchase and I'm quite happy if I do say so myself. Thank you Eve Pearl <3 fl

Live, Laugh, Love and Learn
Miss Merli


Beauty Butterfly said...

This is a simple, yet informative tutorial. I have applied false eyelashes on people before, but I definitely learned something new.


Miss Merli said...

@Beauty Butterfly I did to and Eve Pearl is amazing at what she does

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