Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Dossier: Beyonce Knowles

To honor Queen Bee on her success of the newest album "4" I thought it would be only fitting to document what keeps her fans coming for more and some of my favorite "normal" looks that she dawns when she isn't on stage performing in what has become her signature, leotards whether it sparkles or its plain. This post is day 5 of my 30 day blogger challenge.

All White everything and those heels are capital Murder. I love them!
I've died and went to ruffle Heaven. I am loving the colors and the flow in the dress and trench. Rainy day never shined this bright before.
Even in chill mode with her beau Sean she just doesn't know how to stop the glitz from her shoes to her dressy top dressed down by her skinny jeans. Sitting side court and still the center of attention.
In her rock glam look Bey professes what is her inspiration in her 4th album "Love is Everything" it sure is I can't stop loving this look. If you love the tee click here

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Miss Merli


Ria said...

I love Beyonce! She has a really great sense of style. You have a lovely blog. Check out mine sometime.


Miss Merli said...

Thank you Ria

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