Friday, July 8, 2011

Customized to be Perfect for You!

Hello Beautiful People!

Its always great for me to find new ways to feed my addiction to everything fashion forward and beautiful. So in my daily twitter netoworking and blog reading I came across a really great blog you may of heard of it Gorgeous in Gray with Ty Alexander, love her blog and I'm a happy subscriber. Recently she has put up a giveaway up from eShatkti, a clothing & accessory website that does customization of clothing based on your measurements. While this concept is not new, I love the fact that the clothing is affordable and chic. I love that those two words are in the same sentence with clothing. Ranging anywhere from 14.95 to about 200 the cost to customize will cost you only an extra 7.50 yes less than what it would cost to send it to the cleaners. One better service is that eShakti caters to the very thin and extra voluptuous starting from 0-26. I'm in love already. As soon as I make my first order I will share with you my final verdict which based on other reviews will be a favorable one but until then make sure to enter Ms. Ty's contest on her website to win a chance to get your own Frock! Until then beautiful people... check out a few of my faves below

Live, laugh, love, and learn
Miss Merli

P.S. This is Day 6 of the bloggers challenge for me :) yea I'm a little behind but that means you're getting more. :) Miss Merli loves the readers.

Are you in love yet :) I AM

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Lah said...

love the very first pic and the very last one!

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