Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Makeup is not All I am...It's What Describes Me

Hi Beautiful People,

Today is day 5 of the 30 day challenge and this is my 4 post, just catching up here I didn't want to give up on this. The reason in life I've given up on a lot of my dreams to be practical to be a so called good person, yes I am aware this has nothing to do with makeup but if I could be honest and forth coming doesn't makeup have everything to do with makeup? Makeup to me is an expression of one's inner most creative emotions shown through colors, technique and presentation. If I were to do my face today I'd have the darkest smokey eye available to show how unsure I am of my beauty at this very moment, how unsure I am about the future I'm trying to lead generally but most of all to showcase the fact that no matter how dark my eyes are light still radiates through it all... I'm still alive. I wanted to share a short poem I wrote that is almost like a little sticky note to myself. I hope you enjoy.

If you're down and out and you think to yourself what else do I have to live for?
Let there be a line of questioning that comes to your mind
If you're weren't here who would be impacted
How would your family fair without you?
How would your soul mate find you?
How would peace be accomplished?
How would the Sun shine so brightly to reflect that smile that used to be on your face?
How would you feel to know that God was unable to carry out his well-orchestrated plan through his amazing instrument... That's you.
You're beautiful and you're worth it you're only down and out momentarily
If you don't allow today destroying you remember this
you are the very thing this world needs to turn everything around
wash away the grime of defeat let the sadness you feel go down the drain
put on the face of victory you know your MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
Plump up your lashes and spirit allow it to be long and beautiful
And smile take a pic it'll be proof of the beginning of the world that you soon will be in.
Success is out your door just be around to open it.

By Miss Merli

Live, Laugh, Love and Learn
Miss Merli

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