Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kevyn Aucoin Sample Sale

Beautiful People!

This sale was a beautiful beautiful one! I hauled with the help of the amazing Danny and wonderful Desiree I've dubbed them the Kevyn Aucoin D'Angels. I wanted to share with you some pics of the amazing product that was for sale. My haul ill share in another post later.
Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls this is one sale I'm going to need you to be at STAT! Today, Saturday Aug 6th is the LAST DAY so take my word don't skip, Run down to 56 west 22nd street on the 2nd floor.  WARNING I will not be held responsible for loss of rent, food, or bill money.
As you were. :) Happy Saturday saving!

 P.S. If you get nothing else at this sale make sure that you get the Gorgeous highly pigmented shadows which are $5 yes I said it $5 dollars a pot. The blushes are $10 dollars! Get em! The glosses which are in lovely pots and include a retractable lip brush (I die) which are $5 and $10 dollars... OMGEE I can keep going on the white pencil a steal at $2 dollars! So many exclamation points!!!! The black pencil is the Queen of the ball (price I can't remember) if you don't get it you would've dropped the ball because guess what...hold your heads... its better than MAC's Smolder...Gasp! It's the darkest black pencil I've ever swatched in my life. Yup UD Zero can't hold it either, neither MUFE black pencil. It's that serious!

All the beautiful makeup
Cheek and lip LOVE IT!
$5 DOLLAR Highly pigmented shadows Where they do that at? Right here at this sale buy them while they last
These foundations are AMAZING! MUST BUY
The star blushes love em
lovely sheer lipsticks
Cheek and lip combos
The glosses
The lip pencils
There goes that pencil :) The black one and the white one do you see Butter!


Diva said...

Great post, Miss Merli! How we miss each other!

Miss Merli said...

You was there right before me! We will meet again

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Awesome! Love the black pencil!

Heidistylhix said...

I agree: GREAT post! Seriously wish that I could have gone.

Makeup by Kim Porter Blog said...

great post/pics. I couldn't go. I did pick-up some of their blush while i was at tms

Caprece said...

Awesome post and thanks for the info, I was able to pick up some really great shades!

didi718 said...

nice and sexy:)))

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