Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting to healthy... Week 1: 3lbs Gone!

Hello Beautiful People,

            Week 1 of my pledge to myself has proven to be quite difficult. Arrrgggh! That job of mines is quite the stressful place in the heart of the Bronx I am a youth advocate in my other life but I have the worse director in the world which makes for the worst kind of culture in the work place since all she cares about is getting her billing and that the binders are always updated. Sadly she could careless about my position or any of the workers well being, so I'm always thinking today could be my last day since for the most part I'm not active there. I am active in other organizations as a youth advocate so they have managed to get a great face for the organization out there. (Smart move people) Either way after a staff meeting of being told that having mice droppings at the computer station is complaining I definitely indulged in juice and comfort food. That's one day the other days I was pretty good but I'm still trying to kick that habit where I have something sweet to go to bed. Like one smart person said slow and steady wins the race... I'll continue on making the small changes. Another issue that has come up is the pain in my back so I went three days with working out but couldn't go on because I was in so much pain. (insert sad face) I making an appointment to see a doc in order to continue on with the physical aspect. Good news is I did lose 3lbs YAY! I'm not throwing any parties yet I've done many times before lets see 10lbs and then I'll start to be impressed with myself (insert LOL)   What do you do when you're dealing with bad situations in life? Do you have some great sweet treats that are amazing and healthy? Do share and I'll be sure to share with the masses. 
      In other news I got these fab shoes... I know I'm not suppose to get anything but I needed it for Miami!  Oh and had to get a fab envelope style clutch ooooh I can't wait!  


Ms. Viva Glam said...

Congrats on the weight loss, love the clutch. I'm a huge fan of envelope clutches.

I just made a goal to loose some weight, so please continue to post about's inspiring.

Mz More said...

Those shoes are gorgeous. No suggestions for the stress buster relief as I do the same, eat or sleep to deal with stress. uughh :)

Myssdee said...

I too gained weight due to stress and working on losing it before I go into 2012.

Congratulation on your weight loss, and I hope you are able to find a place that will help you achieve your goals.

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