Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello Beautiful People,

      No you're not seeing things. The lovely people at Open Sky are giving you a chance to win not one, not 2 but SIX Pairs of Christian Louboutins. What do you have to do? Just join Open Sky here. Now if you're like me you're probably like what is this well On Open Sky, you create your own experience. You decide, based on your personal interests and passions, which people to connect with celebs, Open Sky calls “curators.” They’re a growing group of tastemakers and experts who are deeply passionate about what they do and what they love. You’ll discover what they discover: the most amazing products and brands you’ve never heard of and the stories (and the brilliant designers and artisans) behind them. Anywhere from 15%-50% off retail price.  So far I've been blown away by the number of awesome items that have been chosen by celebs such as Molly Sims,  Kristen Cavallari and Cynthia Rowley to name a few. Check it out for yourself. Open Sky recently gave all its members 10 bucks just for reaching a milestone of half a million members and now 6 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS. I love what they are doing over there at Open Sky and can't wait for more celebs to sign on so I can get fabulous things on the inexpensive side.

Here are my six Christian Louboutins picks if I had my way. 

And Here is one more for good ole luck :) 

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