Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jennifer James: Taking Your Brows Beyond Powder

Hello Beautiful People,

         How important are brows? They are so very important and as Ms. Jennifer James puts it they are the character which shapes our faces. There is a science and blueprint in which eyebrows should be done and by golly Ms. James has that blueprint and shared it with us in the workshop rightly titled "Brows Beyond Powder." The two hour class hosted by The Powder Group, turned into three hours and a half hours was magical as we watched how Ms. James chiseled brow pencils into daggers that created little hairs in spaces that there were none. Like an artist she started out with a clean canvas, established her area with a brow brush and then went to work sketching, stopping to look at her work and then continuing on. When she broke out her magnifying glass I was in awe. Quite honestly I had never saw the level of attention to an eyebrow, I think many artists  do brows but Ms. James creates them. We laughed when she was doing Diva's brows and said that she was 20 hairs away from man brows. Assertive yet nurturing at the same time, her level of expertise is unmatched in my opinion. The class was awesome but equally as amazing was the ladies which I had the opportunity to learn and work with which included the fabulous Genevieve Santos @GorgeousontheGo , beautiful  Kim Porter-Smith @MakeupKimPorter  and the diva of all divas Lisa Shelton but you all know her as DivaDoesMakeup on youtube If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing her action please make sure you do. Ms. James offers a Brow Boot Camp training as well as one on one Skype sessions.




Taking notes and making changes

Ms. DivaDoesMakeup herself

     Kim Porter-Smith watching as the hairs are placed with PRECISION

Genevieve Santos MUA

Jennifer James laying the rules down
Genevieve with the fab Kimora Lee inspired eyebrow

volunteered myself and Kim Porter to do my eyebrows :-) Love you Kim

Great job Kim! 


Jennifer James and I she's my shero!  



Ms. Viva Glam said...

I follow her on Twitter and she is filled with so much knowledge! I wish I could take one of her classes, I missed it the first go round. I'm going to take one one day though.

ThisFancyFace said...

I'm going to go with you next time!

Miss Merli said...

You better come next time @ThisFancyFace and Ms.VivaGlam so much you'll learn for real

Jennifer James Beauty said...

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Merli, it was so awesome to have you in class - you brought so much & helped make the experience really special for me. I truly appreciate you trusting me to share. The faith that you guys have in me being able to actually teach something to such a talented people...WOW!


Ms. Viva Glam & ThisFancyFace, thank you guys so much as well. I look forward to meeting you all very soon! BROW BOOT CAMP! :-)

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