Friday, November 11, 2011

Open Sky Pop Up Gallery in Soho NYC

Hello Beautiful People,

            You're probably wondering why does this girl love Open Sky so much? Well because it's not like any shopping site it's twitter of shopping and I was honored to get an event to their pop-up gallery which debuted last night in Soho. I took some pictures met some curators but was most excited to meet fashionista and make up artist Jeannie Mai. As always she was super fabulous and beautiful with her husband who was super sweet and took pics of Jennie and I. I also took shots of some of my favorite things that are now available on the site for those of you who are not in NY and have fallen love with any one of the items. In speaking with Jeannie Mai she shared that she would love love love to giveaway some swag so shortly I will be unveiling a giveaway for all my readers. YAY I'm super excited! So make sure to follow me on twitter @MissMerli for more details as they come. The Open Sky Pop up Shop is open Today 11/11/11 - 11/13/11 from 10am to 8pm for every visitor they will be donating 5 dollars to charity and when you make a purchase they will donate 5 more dollars to a charity from a list that you choose, how awesome is that!







So Super Cute! 

Booster Seats Love it! 

Kelly Bensimon in the cute hat


I love to Decorate so I need this book in my life

Caitlin H. looking fabulous on the right

Elena Hui, Kirat Anand (creator of KAS), and Claudia Velez I love love love the tops so FAB

Loved Claudia's shoes so I asked her to do a special pose. Great job!!

Ms. Cynthia Rowely

 My Favorite Things

Super Cute and Fabulous 

Holly Pinafore and Jeannie Mai

Love this clutch and not because Jeanie Mai choose it



You def zoned in a lot of the great products from the pop-up gallery! Truly disappointed we didn't cross path, but I hope we will in the near future.

Miss Merli said...

thanks Marley will you be going to the Makeup show pop up shop Dec 2?

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Gosh, love all the stuff.

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