Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Ooh La La: My Week in Photos Dec 18-29

 Hello Beautiful People,

Wow it seems like just yesterday the year just started and like every year I declare the year is that of mine. While I feel like I fail at my attempt to so call "breakout" and make the year mine I can always look back and see that I've made a dent in my life goals, some are accomplished others are still pending but nevertheless, I'm always satisfied in the fact that I continually grow and thank God that I don't remain the same. So many changes made, new beginnings, endings, and the story still goes on but I can't wait to continue the journey in 2012. For now I just want to share with you how my last two weeks of the year pan out. Talk to you later beautiful people, see you next year.

Live, laugh, X &O's

At OCC Pro Social mingling and having my girl swatch colors on her skin. While there I purchased their brushes which are Vegan Friendly and amazingly soft. Look for the review really soon.

Sporting my butterfly hair clip and a Hoochie Lip thanks to H&M  & OCC

At my church True Holy Church City of Refuge at the Maybin Mayhem Project
where 10 families received a care package and a 500 dollar giftcard from Football star Aaron Maybin

My look on Christmas day very simple but light

Decorating my home

My little library in my living room so excited! Still under construction

Working on my entry way that's Sasha Fierce my plant 

changed my cushions with covers I purchased from century 21 for 4 bucks! 

The Reason for the season 

Love this magazine to be inspired and get ideas


Alicia said...

Cool post! Love this idea :) great pics!



LOVE what your church did for the families! Love your bookcases! (I have so many in in my home!!!) I also love your couch im looking for new covers and throw pillows for my sectional! oh and love the gated mirror!! Great week!

didi718 said...

great stuff:)))

Miss Merli said...

Thanks ladies I'm hoping to get busy and start to do some more week of photos. Its been dry lol. It's actually not a gated mirror @SherryBlossom just see thru really cool

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