Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Honoring & Learning From Whitney Houston

Hello Beautiful People,

      It brings me so much sadness to write this post. I grew up on Whitney Houston and her music. For me Whitney was epitome of being a woman singer, actress, mother and wife; she made the task of being a quadruple threat look so easy. Little did we know that everything wasn't so easy nor was the road that she was leading a good one. Despite the many years of usage of drugs and alcohol as well as a marriage that may have been the worst thing to happen to her, I always hoped that she would make a full on comeback showing us that you can fall and get up again.

Tragically her life would come to an end before she could make that comeback. In life we live and think that there is time to do what we are supposed to do, me included, yet we have to keep in mind that we are living on borrowed time. In this case like so many cases in the past couple of years some of the greatest entertainers of our time have left this Earth and have made their comebacks posthumously. The killer continues to be prescription drugs yet we still have not learned from the mistakes of them. More than anything my heart aches because we keep losing great people to prescription drugs. What we must learn is how to deal with the pain that comes into our lives rather than try to numb it with alcohol and drugs. Easier said then done but I'm so tired of writing tributes to great people who had so much left to give in this world. I want this to be the last time.

When I remember Whitney I will remember that electric smile,
her silly ways, her talents and the VOICE. There will never be
another and while that saddens me so very much her music & movies will continue to live on. My prayer now is for Bobbi-Kristina who has lost her mom, the pain she feels is so great at this moment. Let us pray that Bobbi-Kristina is able to get through this very painful time so that she may carry on her mother's legacy and live out a full and productive life.

I will leave you with some of my fave looks from the incomparable Whitney Houston. 
May you find rest for your soul Whitney I Will Always Love you.


           Rest In Peace Whitney

     Live, laugh, X &O'S



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