Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lianne Farbes Presents: Cocktails and Couture Spring 2012 Edition

Oh yea Beautiful People....
             It's that time again more events then I can actually cover and oh so much material to work with when it comes to the people and the fashion that inspires me. Cocktails and Couture was of course fabulous as always. Lots of beauty and fashion bloggers ascended to this wonderful event and what did we do? Take loads of pictures, laughed a whole lot, networked a tons and enjoyed the company of our peers. More than anything this event is to celebrate diversity in the blogosphere while indulging us in food and drinks that are sooooo sooo sooo good. Some of the vendors that made an appearance was Cupcase, an awesome way to store your bras, intimates and just anything under the sun. In bright colors and eye catching prints this was easily my favorite thing. Tarte made an apperance showing off their lovely spring line of glosses, blushes and other pieces that make them so easy to love. Hypnotiq well you know they did their thing with signature drinks, and blinged out bottles that kept you coming back for more. Mega brand Proactive showed off their famous acne zapping products and gave away one beautiful Alexander Wang bag... I didn't win though Boooo! Oasis spa gave us fabulous mani's that brightened our night, and Ulta Beauty was on hand as well to do hair and beautify the already beautiful. Whew! I hope I didn't miss anything my one question for The Makeup Girl, Lianne Farbes channeling Peter Griffin " How you doing that there?" See you in the Fall!



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Beauty By LeRenda said...

OMG!! That event looks like what was truly Fabulous. Look at all of the cool people there. I'm so happy for you. I can only imagine what an amazing experience it must have been. Wow, you met Tia Dantzler, Kim Coles, Afrobella (Patrice), and some of my other peeps I follow on twitter Ro, Sharontina, and SanTara. It seems as though all of the cool things happen in New York. Maybe one day Houston will get some nice event. :-)

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