Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Ooh La La: March 1-17 2012

Hello Beautiful People,
I know its been quite a long time since I've done my ooh la la post, but I didn't want it to die so of course I'm always taking pictures of things that I love and make me go oh la la. I will continue on with it as usual. Thank you for your comments on twitter pushing me to start doing it again. So without further delay here they are. Things that make me go ooh la la.

Live lots, Love more, and Laugh hard

Miss Merli

I love the way the jewelry is on display like at a boutique but also organized

What an awesome way to organize shoes and plan for the week. Just Lovely!

Ideas for shoe organization so cute! 

Thrifting Vintage $5 Silk top

Thrifting Vintage DKNY silk top $5

Thrifting $5 silk vintage top 

Thrifting $5 top

Thrifting $5 Dollar stipe cotton top

Thrifting $5 dress making a skirt out of it though

Rocker Chic NY & CO, Express Necklace, Bebe earrings

Aldo Shoes Beautiful

Aldo Spring 2012 collection Brights chunky necklace

Aldo Spring 2012 collection Brights Boom!

Aldo Spring 2012 collection pastels are awesome beautiful 

Tuleste market jewelry

Aldo Spring 2012 collection pastels are awesome beautiful 

my new beauty/jewelry storage Malm 6-Drawer chest from Ikea 169.00

Sally Hansen stripes 

Curls Unleashed product look at the growth

Bebe earrings, and a thrifted scarf

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