Tuesday, May 8, 2012

O So Chic & Fly On A Dime's Sip and Swap Event

Hello Beautiful People,

 With all the things that are suddenly going on in my life and the amount of events I've been attending lately I often find myself wanting to skip out but I'm so glad I didn't this time around to not only get some new pieces but to get rid of clothing, shoes and accessories that have been just taking up space for ions. I packed up a huge luggage with lots of jeans, dresses, tops and shoes and brought myself on down to the White on White space in lower manhattan. Drinks were great of couse because my girl Dani was mixing but also because it was ciroc and who doesn't love some good ole fashion patties from Golden Krust. It was my first time swaping so I wasn't aware you gots to move fast and furious. I didn't get much but I was quite happy with seeing other ladies be happy with the pieces (mines in particular) that fit amazingly and that they loved. All in all a job well done ladies!!!




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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming, Merli! We could've hosted the entire swap with just the items you brought. I know you made quite a few people happy.

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