Thursday, June 28, 2012


 Here is a recap in photos of the HBA Expo that I attended last week. The HBA Expo is for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in the beauty industry and are looking for ways in which to do so. In attendance were beauty brands as well as packaging manufacturers from all over the world. Private brands that will put your name on a product so that you may sell it for profit. My fave part was checking out some of the rising beauty brands that are or have made leaps and bounds in the industry with amazing products that everyone is clammering to use. Some of the standouts included Lolo Barcelona, Me & The Girls,

Lola Barcelona amazing lip gloss and nail lacquers at great price points

Social media, monetizing and blogging panel

Felicia Benson of This That Beauty 

Had to zero in on her lovely studded shoes. 

Blogger Meet and Greet the best part of the expo in my opinion

Beauty Maker Kevin James Bennett and FashionBeautyNista Felicia Benson

Getting a natural mask... Beautiful in a pepto bismol kind of way
A brand for women and men who have thinning hair or going bald

Owner of Lily B. Skincare

Caring for your unmentionables with natural products that cool you down


Sharing info about Delany's Skincare line


The Fine Texan Mr. Delaney himself

Sharon Hackney of Me & The Girls

Me & The Girls Products

What a beautiful presentation and the perfumes smelled amazing! 

Listening and smelling intently

Explaining why Previse is a cut above the rest

The Previse Skincare line is amazing! 

Kim's Lamik Beauty 

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