Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Makeup If Your Skin is Bad?

Dr. Naila Malik a top dermatologist in the field gives us some great tips specific your skin type and lets us know why Exfoliation is necessary. It is my opinion as an artist that makeup is not to cover problems its purpose is to accentuate your beautiful features.  So skincare to me is the most important thing to me. Let Dr. Malik school you.

Exfoliation helps keep the skin surface free of debris and oils, increases skin surface circulation and improves skin texture, pore size, surface irregularities, discoloration and even fine lines—but did you ever think to customize your exfoliation based on your skin type?

 Dry | Both gentle mechanical exfoliation with a sonic brush and low dose AHA's or BHA's are good options. By removing the dead cells and debris, your moisturizer will go on smoother for more effective skin hydration. Stick with the gentle brush and low strength AHA's or BHA's. 

Sensitive | Gentle mechanical exfoliation works well for most people with sensitive skin. It takes away the risk of potential allergy with any chemical method, although extremely sensitive skin can get irritated even with the gentlest touch. The Clarisonic brush is good for sensitive skin, which provides gentle exfoliation and has been tolerated by most patients with sensitive skin when used 1-3 times a week. Be careful to examine the skin's response to determine the frequency of use.
Enzyme peels with fruit acids (Dr. Malik uses pumpkin peel for some of her sensitive skin patients) as ot work well for most people with sensitive skin.

Oily/Acne-prone | Oily skin with occasional breakouts or non-inflammatory acne can be exfoliated both mechanically and chemically with AHA's or BHA's. Treat skin with acne like sensitive skin, over stimulation with chemical or mechanical exfoliation can exacerbate inflammatory acne.

Normal | Regular exfoliation with mechanical brush cleansing 2-3 times a week and occasional exfoliation with AHA's once every 4-6 weeks works best for normal skin.

A great cleaner that I personally love is Naila MD Ageless AHA Cleanser here is some more information about it

Product Recommendation | Naila MD AGELESS AHA Cleanser ( with glycolic acid to dissolve dirt and excess oils, refines pores and improves texture of skin. Ingredients like aloe and green tea extract calm skin, while the exclusive Cellular Repair 
Complex restores the skin's natural glow.

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