Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who's That: Sam Branman of Ten Yards Clothing

I love discovering unique and fashionable clothing and accessories but more than anything I love sharing it with all of you. My motto is everyone has the right to be fabulous and its my duty to help do that. Although my blog caters a lot more to women, I did want to let my guys know, I got you! I love seeing men in colors and unique fashions, of course because I'm tired of the stripes and the color navy blue on them, but it shows a confidence that is beyond sexy. So now introducing to my beautiful people, Ten Yards Clothing by Sam Branman.

Ten Yards Clothing is the creation of Sam Branman. Born in mid-state NY to a family of artists, he began making things as a child, and eventually found himself getting a degree in photography. At the same time, he’d begun sewing costumes for himself to wear to anime conventions, to perform with indie-dance-feel-good-pop-cult The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, and to wear to the Cheryl parties in Brooklyn .

Upon graduating he moved to Brooklyn, started sewing even more, and started taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Taken over by a desire to make clothes that were functional in real life, and that his friends could wear, he started making mesh tops for his friends to wear to the music festival SXSW, in Austin, Texas. THUS, A LEGEND WAS BORN, and Sam began making mesh things for the masses. He is currently studying Patternmaking at FIT and collaborating with Aparna Dasgupta.

         All of the items produced are handmade in Sam’s apartment in Brooklyn.

 For more information about Sam Branman please contact him on  Facebook--Tumblr---Etsy

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