Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Event Announcement: Natural's Night Out

Ladies and gentleman (can't forget about all my natural men out there). There will be an event taking place September 6th that is sure to be a crowd pleaser for everyone involved. It's Chic and Kinky's 2nd anniversary bash bring together beauty junkies, fashion enthusiasts, beautiful men and women all under the same roof, its sure to be a kodak moment for sure. Some of the exhibitors in attendance include Curlz, Miss Jessies's and Jessicurl just to name a few. this will be taking place at Pranna NYC which is notorious for great drinks and food ( great appetizers here for sure) Leave a comment below and let me know if you'll be attending I've love to see you and take a quick flick.

For more information: www.nnofashionweek.eventbrite.com


Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Oh no. Sept 6th is Fashion's Night Out here in NY. I already have a full itinerary.

Shame too because I missed the last one.

Merli Desrosier-Estime said...

wow I feel like FNO moved up this year not sure how but I'm going to attempt to go to everything lol wish me luck

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