Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nailaholics Series: I'm Now A Julep Maven

It was only a matter of time right? I love polish, I love beautiful colors, and I love getting a beautifully wrapped box in the mail monthly. YES! How does Julep Maven work? Here is your answer.

Easy enough right? Yes it is and if by chance you don't necessarily like what colors have been chosen for you based on your style profile, you can skip or change your preference. This month I chose to be Boho Glam check out what colors I received.

Enough about me I want you to try out Julep Maven  as well and guess what it'll only cost you a penny. Yup a PENNY! Here is the link . Use Promo Code: MavenIntro 

Giveaway Alert: Last thing... One lucky reader will receive a Julep Maven box 

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Maria @ Pappa Don't Preach said...

How have I NOT heard of this before!? I get my monthly birchbox but this sounds even better!!!

Merli Desrosier-Estime said...

Maria @Pappa Don't Preach I love this box its actually the first one that I'm trying and I'm quite impressed

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty said...

I saw this and was filling out the reg form after doing the questionnaire last night but changed my mind
I have so much polish already I wonder if these are worth it?

Merli Desrosier-Estime said...

I have over 100 polishes and can I say I love Julep polishes even if you just try the intro for a penny you've already won plus there is a group on facebook to exchange and give polishes away. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty https://www.facebook.com/groups/247031492082531/

Michelle@RadiantBrownBeauty said...

wow really? i love the whole polish exchange thing. OK first let me see if I can win this box LOL.

So nice to find your blog. So you're a techie too huh? I'll def be back!

By the way I'm also doing a give away on my blog if you want to enter. It's for the As Seen on tv Twist 'N Clips for your hair.

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty@ said...

Oh and guess what? I'm in NY too (Yonkers)! Did you go to Blogher?

Merli Desrosier-Estime said...

Yes I did go to blog her Michelle and I'll be sure to check your site out and enter. :-) If you don't win a penny is always a good price :-)

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