Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Single and Saved Chick in NYC

If we each look at ourselves closely we will s...
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You know me as the makeup artist, blogger, and lover of all things beautiful. So youre probably saying what else is there to know? Well the very reason why many live and die all over the world... God. Three days before the Christian world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I decide to revamp my old blog, to be a new vehicle. How fitting right? A vehicle to spread not only God's love but also my journey in following the manual to life, The Bible.  

So what to expect? Much like life something's will come with my experiences in being saved and with the complication of I call singledom. I will share inspirational quotes, books, movies and even fun things to do without going to far (you know what I mean). Ill talk about the hard stuff that no one really puts out there and get some good nuggets from Christian leaders and people who just know the bible like the back of their hand.

Trust me it'll be interesting to say the least. I'll share my personal opinion on the very things that tear our society apart. Some conversations will be controversial to say the least but the reward will be a broader outlook on life as a whole. On the lighter side you'll get some "Sunday Styles" How I turn it up and on for Christian events without looking too old or too sexy.

Join me on the journey, you're in for a bumpy ride full of thrill, obstacles and triumphs just the way God wants it. Feel free to challenge me I won't hate you.... that much. 

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