Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Diva Dee and Little Dick

The Story of Little Dick and Diva Dee

So the story begins with Diva Dee contemplating whether or not she should embark on a journey where there was no way to return. The journey of being with a man which whom she had an attraction to and was curious as to whether or not it would materialize to anything her little heart had desired. See Diva Dee known Little Dick had known each other for the better part of two years always, had great conversation, chemistry was always there but little did she know that Little Dick the gentle giant as she dubbed him would turn out to be a phony.
Like the inquisitive Aries diva she was, Diva Dee did a preliminary work up to find out what kind of lover he was, whether or not he was old fashioned or a modern type of sexual partner, so she knew what kind of situation she was getting herself into. At first she was hesitant to even go there because on several different levels he wasn't the type of guy that she would ever seek out or even find sexy. Compared to her voluptuous stature and beautiful features he was a beast of nature standing at 6'7 and weighing about 300lbs with huge hands, and feet and an ego that definitely out weighed most human men. Some how those things didn't frightened her but heightened her curiosity about how great of a lover he might be.
Little did Diva Dee know that the formula that was brewing would be one that might blow up in her face, but she was always up for a challenge so she pressed on. Finally after much late nights of talking and learning more about each other she decided that maybe it was time to move forward, so she did. She took what seemed like the longest ride of her life on the city train and a brisk walk to his beastly hideout. Walked up a flight of stairs escorted by his guiding hand to the dungeon, where she suddenly was filled with butterflies that seemed to flutter out of control, this anticipation was she believed would've been the great passion she yearned so much for.
First Little Dick started out by partaking of the fruit between her legs which he hungered for, she thought his method of devouring her was okay but nothing to rave about because she had beasts that took her delectable fruit hostage before. Nevertheless she played the role and squirmed a little, moaned, you know the usual fake out when you don't want to hurt a beasts feelings. Then as fast as the session began it ended and what she didn't know would be the grand finale the unveiling of the much desired beast came out which need I say took her Diva breath away. At about 2 inches she didn't know what was happening anymore ROFLMAO literally she was embarrassed for his lack of beastliness. She remembered discussing with Little Dick the importance of the quality of his beastliness not the size of it but was reassured that it would not be an issue. He failed on all levels.
Diva Dee was nauseous with this revelation but couldn't stop she had gone too far and could not return so she closed her eyes and let him pump to content his little monster heart until he rolled over in bliss. The moral of the story make sure you have tangible proof before you allow a beast to get the best of you.

The End

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TonyaTko said...

If this is NOT your man, then why enhance his comfort at the expense of your own? Dont let him pump to your chagrin, let him get back down on his Knees and put your 'fruit' on his chin! Grind until you make peach sorbet, rest repeat & do it again. But DONT just lay there helping him get Off while your nausea creeps On. Take Control! ITs YOUR Body... not Charity... youre not doing anyone any "Favors." Get YOURS!


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