Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To Give it Up or Not to Give it Up... That is the ?

To my single ladies out there have you ever been so hard pressed to bust a good one that it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Shakeem seem to make the cut only to be disappointed in the end? Or better yet have you come up against the type of guy who is hard hitting, kind and caring, who just loves to keep his hands behind his back while he explores the confines of your body and soul with his mouth? Then come to find out that he only meets the criteria for the meat department and nothing else. Well I have and continue to do. So what is it are your standards high like I've been told time and time again or are the caliber of men that are coming out of the school of Boys to Men just not as good anymore? In my opinion I believe that it is the latter. We have men out here who feel that women like me are educated and independent so they feel like they can do the minimum to make the cut while at the end of the day no matter what form of education a woman has all she wants it to feel like a man's queen and be loved like any other woman. That same woman will take care of you like the king that most men don't realize they are and make sure that no matter what your needs are taken care of, even if that means that she gets up at the crack of dawn to make you breakfast and get that pot of stew going so you have dinner waiting for you when you get home. While I'm every woman it seems that the crop of guys that feel its necessary to take care of a woman's needs, wants and desires have died off so what is an attention deprived woman to do? Give it up to the mediocre bidder or keep it moving in hopes that by the time the right one comes along, if he does, her axles on her joints won't be out of commission? Leave your comments, thoughts and prayers with this diva and the ones out there in need.

Live, laugh, love and learn that's all
<3 Merli

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