Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jewelry Haul

Hello Beautiful People,

I know its been a couple of days since the last blog which means I'm behind by about 4 or 5 now :( nevertheless I wanted to share some jewels that made me smile yesterday. Nothing really special but something shiny to help brighten my wardrobe. I went to Atlantic City, after purchasing a living social deal for 14 bucks which included a ride for 2 on the hampton luxury liner (very posh), 2 ten dollar vouchers to eat (we ate at an amazing Japanese Restaurant) and 2 five dollar casino vouchers (we both lost). Not bad huh?  I looooovvvvee Living Social :). Anywho take a gander at my mini haul.

Live, Laugh, Love and Learn
Miss Merli

My favorite new piece from Juicy Couture extra 40% off final cost  35.99 from 128.00!
Gold hoops nice and thick 12.99 from 20.00 + 15% off
Guess 16.99 from 24.00 + 15% off
Guess 14.99 from  24.00 +15% off
Can You tell I love hearts :) 9.99 from 20.00 each + extra 15% off

3 more hearts 12.99 from 22.99 + 15% off Extra

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