Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Black Friday Haul

Hello Beautiful People,
       What a shopping season it has been but wait as I think about it every month of this year I've had a black Friday lol. It's all good though, its what I love to do, so great deals and happening upon precious finds are always my goal. I wanted to share with you guys some of the great pieces I've picked up for my newly grown natural hair I've dubbed "my power fro" yup I'm so excited I can do so much more than I could before these two more inches, flat twists, braids, I might even try to do twist out don't get me started. Imagine what will happen at 3 more inches OMGEE!!! Might have a celebratory party to celebrate its crazy because just a month ago I was ready to bow out of the natural hair race and relax my hair glad I hung tough. Wait wasn't this a haul post? Ok back to hauling so I picked up a few hair accessories and pssst remember those red Vince Camuto shoes that I was fawning over I bought em but in another hue... plus some booties. Don't judge me! Without further delay here is my haul.
I picked up these beauties to add to my makeup kit

I love love love this feather hair clip will does double duty as a pin like most hair accessories that I purchased

This headband definitely looks so much better in person I couldn't take a good enough picture... maybe I should get a dummy head like Wendy Williams wouldn't that be cute especially for jewelry pics... research begins in a second

Bling bling black bow I love it

Ok so I love bows I'm a girl what do you want this belt though is going to be so fabulous

This hair piece is so special to me reminds me of a flower that has not yet bud but is still super beautiful 

on the flower tip a leather rose and two glittered out roses for my hair Fab

Butterfly goes with flowers I swear I don't do this on purpose  I'm just girly what do you want from me

Sequins and a feather what a great combo

super easy and chic neckalace

I love easy accessories to just throw together with a pair of skinnies a blazer and a simple top with booties... and keep it moving with my power fro

I'm totally digging these fab bracelets I love it

Check out these great glittered polishes from OPI Muppet collection I'll do swatches shortly for ya'll

I saw these earrings and I though New Years Night glam Pow!

So here are the booties that I instantly fell in love with on my first visit to the Vince Camuto store in Grand Central on black Friday I scored them for 30% off. I was super happy for that and to top it off there are comfortable and I got them stretched for free.
 And now here are my most favorite heels ever in a long time well for now at least... 
Yessss!!!!! Ok that's all but do you see that back OMGEE! Until later beautiful people

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