Friday, December 2, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Oh La La: My Week in Pics Nov 6th-Nov 26th

Hello Beautiful People,

     Yea I know its been long over due but I definitely have some goodies to share with you. I've hauled, I've eaten and I've conquered. I then narrowed down some of my faves for November to share with you. To update you on the journey to healthy I went to my doc and was told I possible have a thyroid issue which would explain my difficulty with losing weight so stay tuned as I continue to go through that journey. Thank you for joining or supporting that as well. Any questions don't hesitate to comment or email me.

Copped these long earrings a while back from Bebe for 12 bucks on sale you like?

Rocking my Vintage lip tar from OCC

Some more OCC Lip tar action in Hoochie (No relation) 

Here is a close up of Hoochie lip tar

Was at Urban Outfitters and was digging on this top so fab but so pricey 

Still on my booties kick loving these spiked beauties from Urban outfitters only 69 bucks!!

I love a fab wedge and these suede burnt orange ones were doing it for me

Loving this marketing for the Runway Red collection at VS and the lip gloss is actually really nice and pigmented

Style inspiration I want this for my bedroom! 

I thought this was such a fab idea for my bedroom door so I took a picture

So glitzy and fab from Steve Madden

Hello Purple thick heel in suede you're cute! Steve Madden

This was a meal I had when I was only eating vegetarian all week Mmmm this meal was so amazing! No meat straight veggies

In D.C. with my fellow Youth Advocates and my Fro its still a mini but fab!!

I had to go pay hommage to Dr. King and what a monument and memoriam it is must see! 

My haul in D.C. from H and M don't judge me

Clam Bake Essie Polish so refreshingly bright

Brave Red for Thanksgiving

Black Friday at Vince Camutto I copped these Booties

And these beauties hello spikes and animal print at its finest!  Vince Camutto


LOVE JOICE said...

Following you back dear! thank you ...btw great post! xx Joice

Miss Merli said...

Thanks Joice I love that coat by the way <3

RevealingBeaute said...

The Vince Camutto booties..... OH LA LA

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