Monday, December 12, 2011

My Open Sky

Hello Beautiful People,

     Just wanted to share some good news with you guys. Recently I was chosen as one of 20 bloggers to enter into a contest/giveaway with Open Sky  to win one of several really fab prizes. I'm totally excited and am calling on my readers and friends to help me by signing up to get a glimpse at one of the sites that I totally get some amazing things from Check out my video as I explain what my open sky is and one of the fab items I'm loving right now. Make sure to share with others as the more people who sign up the better my chances. Also subscribe to my blog if you haven't because I will be starting the new year off with a fab giveaway... Can't wait to share details its going to be Awesome!!!  Thank you in advance for your support.


P.S. Here is the link


RevealingBeaute said...

ha... you're so cute! I love the bag, GREAT PICK. I'm already signed up!

Miss Merli said...

Thanks for supporting my dear

Makeup by Kim Porter Blog said...

i'm already signed up with opensky

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