Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Ooh La La: My Week in Photos January 1-14

Hello Beautiful People,

In the thick of fashion week and I was reminded by Ms Sherry Blossom that she is missing my weekly updates in photos. I am too and certainly I've been super busy with events lately and life in general but this is my baby so I gotta treat her right. I have some awesome updates coming soon as to things that I will be doing, more tutorials and of course there is a giveaway that's going to be so awesome its going to my your hair curl (naturally of course). So please do stay tuned but in the mean time check out some of photos from January.

At the beginning of the year I claimed it as my year and its going to be awesome ! So far so Great!
Loving the new line of shadows from Sephora best applied wet rather than dry
The shadows applied with a dry brush
The one chore I love doing cleaning my brushes
I love my everyday flush look Easy Breezy look using Stila's Blush and Armour Beauty gloss. most of all I love the beret with belt and flower that I put together on the fly. 

I thought this was so cool. In our crazy world Praying is always essential

Thinking about starting to really use coupons heavily.

I love a popping red lip! Smile

Here are the culprits used to get the red lip look MAC's Dazzleglass in Pleasure Principle and Such Flare lipstick (Matte)

I'm in love with this look so fancy 

Looking forward to soon getting this look done on myself
I bought this beauty on the streets of time square from a man who was making them on the spot. Beautiful!

Live, laugh, X &O's

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T.Davis said...

Girl you must be the only person I know that love to wash brushes. I hate washing brushes, but yet I wash my personal brushes every week.

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