Saturday, March 3, 2012

Makeup Dossier: Chrisette Michelle

Hello Beautiful People,

      Ah yes makeup one of my fave pass times art of your face as I like to call it. I certainly love seeing a beat face and it is my intentions to start a weekly dossier for amazing artists be it makeup, or music artists. I'd love to also feature "ordinary people" who just understand the art of makeup and wear it daily and fiercely so if that's you, make sure to email me at with 5 of your fave looks including your occupation, hometown, fave lipstick, mascara, foundation, makeup brand, twitter/facebook/blog and one thing you can't live without so you can be featured in the future. I look forward to featuring you soon.

Now lets look at the many faces of Ms. Chrisette Michelle whom I always loving. Besides the fact that she has this natural beauty, I love her ability to be artistic and fearless in her makeup application. She also takes the same approach when it comes to her hair and that in itself is admirable and inspiring. Cheers to you Chrisette.

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