Monday, July 9, 2012

Willow Smith Whips Her Style Back & Forth

Did you see Willow Smith on the BET Awards red carpet, her very eclectic choice in fashion as well as her newly shaven head?  She is truly living up to her break out song "Whip My Hair". Some say her parents Will and Jada have allowed for her to go too far, while others believe a youth should be able to freely express themselves. What's my take? Well I'm on the fence. Mostly because I grew up with a mom who always said " You're not going outside looking any kind of way because you're a reflection of me".  On the flip side I do believe fashion freedom is very much apart of growing up, and exercising true confidence in ones self. When it comes to hair my motto is this "Hair grows back, so get over it".   What do you think of her style?

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